Dublin, Ireland


Inspired by Korea’s love affair with fried chicken, this line of sauces became so popular at Chimac’s Dublin restaurant that they decided to bottle the stuff and share it with the world. The bold punch flavors pay homage to Korea - it’s soul food via Seoul.



Founded by holistic nutritionist Riyana Rupani, Everiday is a line of clean, flavor-forward pantry staples focused on great taste, whole food ingredients, and always brining a good time to the table. Everiday’s chili products are made with extra virgin olive oil and without any inflammatory oils - and are free from gluten, dairy, and refined sugars.


Kazi Yetu

Kazi Yetu is an Africa-based, women-owned specialty tea and botanicals company, with a focus on ethical sourcing from Tanzania, uplifting communities, and creating jobs through local value addition.

New York, NY


Sardel partners with Italian family producers to offer high-end pantry items.